The Lemon-tart Story

My family loves to travel. In B-School I stacked up plenty of travel. China, Mexico, the Philippines, Malaysia – trips of a life time!

But all without my daughter. And thus, a priority for every trip  was to bring back a piece of the place for my daughter. That wasn’t easy -finding something unique, meaningful, and representative of the culture.

Traditional clothing seemed like the perfect gift. However, with the little time I had, I’d only end up with low quality, touristy items. And if these didn’t fit – what a disappointment!

My kid in a Mexican sombrero and poncho
My li’l one in a Mexican sombrero and poncho

It got me thinking: I could enjoy food from all over the world without leaving town. Why not the same for clothes?

So, I started Lemon-tart.

With Lemon-tart, I want to make the rich culture of countries around the world accessible to everyone.

On the Lemon-tart website, you will find cute children’s clothes that will help your kids experience the rich diversity around us. With each unique outfit, you can tell your little ones the story of a new place.

This summer I am starting out with a colorful collection of four different styles from South-East Asia. Stay tuned for more to come…

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